Controller XT has an input for a probes (detector) and 2 relay outputs.

Two-stage ON/OFF controlling of any parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity or gas concentration (for instance, ethylene concentration). The controller perfectly works with standard 4 – 20 mA probe‘s outputs, but relevant voltage should be chosen (0 – 1 V or 0 – 10 V). The measured quantities are shown on a 3½ digits LED display with a numeral height of 10.5 mm. The control function is realized with 2 probe relays. Minimum and maximum set points values can be programmed by a user.


In Aseko Ripening Technologies the XT controller can be used for automation of:

  • Humidifier (RH required for bananas is 96-98%)
  • Ethylene generator (500 – 800 ppm, 24 hours is optimal)


Impementation of these could increase quality and reduce losses
of fresh products without any excessive labour.