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The GENET device is a portable ethylene generator for initiation and enhancing the ripening processes in the tissues of stored fruits, particularly bananas, tomatoes and citrus.

The GENET device is a portable ethylene generator for initiation and enhancing the ripening processes in the tissues of stored fruits, particularly bananas, tomatoes and citrus. The ethylene gas at relevant concentration causes simultaneous start of the fruit ripening within the whole volume of the ripening space. The result is an uniform ripening of all the fruits and therefore no grading of ripe and unripe pieces is needed, which is usual with a spontaneous uncontrolled ripening. Ethylene is highly explosive gas at concentration above 2.7% (or 27,000 ppm). The main advantage of the ethylene generator GENET over high-pressure cylinders is a low rate of the gas introduction. With GENET there is no risk of an explosion at all: ethylene is produced over time and creates the recommended concentration (~500 ppm), which is far from dangerous one. 

The other advantage of GENET is simplicity in maintenance:
just pour the GENETOL liquid in the tank and plug the generator in for recommended time.

The GENET works on the basis of a catalytic dehydration of the developing liquid at 400°C temperature. When the generator plugged in, the reactor warms up to the necessary temperature. After approximately 15 minutes the reactor warms up and the pump is automatically starts dosing of the developing liquid into the reactor at the optimal speed. The ethylene developed in the reactor is let out from the reactor through upper opening directly into the ripening box. For the banana ripening the ethylene of 500 ppm (0.05%) concentration is used. This concentration is obtained by decomposition of 0.3 l of the developing fluid per 150m3 of the ripening room volume.

Controlling unit ASIN ART

ASIN ART is a control computer used for managing the ripening process of bananas and other tropical fruits.

The ripening process is controlled by the temperature course (both cooling and heating), ethylene introduction and ventilation of the ripening room. Setting up the ripening program, which is installed on the ASIN ART unit, is possible with any computer with operating system Windows XP or later version. The producer offers an industrial panel-mounted PC with IP65 protection and touch screen.
ASIN ART unit connects to a computer with a RS485 – USB cable.

Up to 20 ASIN ART can be connected via RS485 into the controlling computer.


GENETOL is liquid used in the GENET ethylene generator. Catalytic dehydrogenation at high temperature of the liquid produce pure ethylene. The concentration produced is absolutely safe: it is 30  50 times less than explosive limit.


XT Controller

Controller XT has an input for a probes (detector) and 2 relay outputs.

Two-stage ON/OFF controlling of any parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity or gas concentration (for instance, ethylene concentration). The controller perfectly works with standard 4 – 20 mA probe‘s outputs, but relevant voltage should be chosen (0 – 1 V or 0 – 10 V). The measured quantities are shown on a 3½ digits LED display with a numeral height of 10.5 mm. The control function is realized with 2 probe relays. Minimum and maximum set points values can be programmed by a user.

In Aseko Ripening Technologies the XT controller can be used for automation of:

  • Humidifier (RH required for bananas is 96-98%)
  • Ethylene generator (500 – 800 ppm, 24 hours is optimal)

Impementation of these could increase quality and reduce losses
of fresh products without any excessive labour.

Ethylene Concentration Transmitter

DGTC-Eth is a transmiter of ethylene concentration in the range of 0 – 2000 ppm (it is recommended to measure concentration above 200 ppm because of low precision in range of 0 – 200 ppm).

The transmitter has a LED-display to show the real-time value and a standard linear output 4 – 20 mA to transfer the data to other devices. The transmitter is mounted on a wall. The measuring element is a catalytic sensor. The transmitter can be easily calibrated with using a calibration gas mixture with known ethylene concentration. DGTC-Eth is designed to be used in Aseko Ripening Technologies to monitor ethylene injection in a ripening room, but it can be applied in a wide spectrum of other applications.



The GTO-CO2 is the carbon dioxide concentration transmitter with linear 4 – 20 mA output.

It is delivered with a standard range of 0.2 – 5%, however, it is possible to deliver it with a user-specific range on a request. The measuring element is an infrared sensor complemented with electronics for the signal adaptation. The 24 Vdc power supply input and the current signal output are connected via DIN 43650 connector. The transmitters are mounted on a wall. Infrared sensors are known as highly precise and reliable. The transmitter is designed to monitor CO2 concentration in working environment, controlled ventilation systems, in air-conditioning spaces and to control greenhouse or protective atmospheres.

Relative humidity and temperature transmitter

Transmitters RHT are designed to measure the temperature and relative humidity of gases and transfer the measured values via the standard 4 – 20 mA output.

The advanced technology guarantees outstanding sensitivity, stability and reliability. The distinctive feature of the RHT is high moisture resistance, small size and total independence from calibration during the whole life time of the transmitter. The RHT transmitters are delivered in the space and channel version.

They are used especially for:
  • check and control of technological processes (drying, ripening, etc)
  • check and control of air conditioning systems
  • humidity control in storage and other areas

The RHT transmitter is not suitable for operation in severely polluted atmospheres or petrochemical containing media.



ATemperature transmitters are suitable for the measuring of temperature of gases and liquids in the range of 0° to 50°C (optional -50° to 100°C).

As the sensor element the platinum sensor Pt100 is used. The measured value is transformed to the standard signal 4 – 20 mA in the integrated converter and transferred to a central unit (XT, G8 or other). The transmitter is connected by only two wires that serve for both feeding and output of the measured value.

Thermometers are produced in 2 variants:
  • Spatial (space) thermometer serves for temperature measurement in a static (mounted) position,
    for example in storages or other premises or facilities.
  • Plug-in thermometer serves for temperature measurement inside objects or media,
    for exaple inside banana fruits during ripening.


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